Thanks for Coming!

Thanks for Coming!

The 2016 East Coast Rally has officially ended, though there’s still a crowd hanging around campfires in the evenings.  With over 50 rigs/registrations, it was the biggest crowd yet!

The week started off a little cold and wet, but by mid-week the weather was nearly perfect and the tent that housed most of the events made attending them a lot simpler than in past years (when events were held across the lake). A big thanks to Carl and Donna, and everyone else who helped out during the week.

Most of the presentation materials have been posted on the Presentations page.  For several, there are separate pages with links to resources that go along with the slides.  I’ll post an update when I’ve added the rest.

If you have photos you’d like to contribute, send them to [email protected].  We’ll be organizing and uploading images here over the next few days, and would appreciate any you can contribute.

If you plan to come back next year, call Kim at 931-484-3333 and let her know if you’d like to keep the same campsite. The rally will be a little later, so as not to interfere with Easter–April 22nd through April 29th.

In the meantime, Gregg Shields is working to edit and post some videos. The first shows that you don’t always need a big truck to move big boxes. We pooled a group of folks together that were looking to replace headlight housings, and worked out a deal with Advantage Truck Parts. We saved everyone a few bucks and got delivery next day via truck freight, but it was a Smart (diesel even!) that carried them the last few yards. Or is is the last few meters since it was a Canadian car?

Look for more updates over the next week, and start making plans for next year!

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