East Coast HDT Rally

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the East Coast HDT Rally?

At its inception, the East Coast HDT Rally (or ECR) was a purely social event. It was a get-together for folks who couldn’t make it to the National HDT Rally in Kansas in the fall. It was a chance to meet up closer to home to compare notes and drool over big trucks.

As it has grown, the ECR has also grown in the number and scope of structured events over the last decade. With relatively short drives from quite a few major population centers, and a focus on informational sessions during the opening weekend of the rally, it has become a destination for people seeking information about big trucks, especially while still holding down a day job. Many rally attendees who are still working full-time make a long weekend of the event, soaking up tons of information in the first 58-72 hours.

But it’s still an event for those who have been before. Deer Run RV Resort is an awesome park and the ECR has plenty of events that are purely fun (crafts, trivia, plays, etc.). Returning ECR veterans are also the people who make the event what it is–volunteering to help with a seminar, shuffle chairs/tables between sessions, make coffee, etc. If you’re willing and able to contribute, send us a note at [email protected]. We’ll take all the help we can get!

Do I need to be a member of Escapees or some other group to attend? 

No, we welcome all comers! Fellow rally attendees come from all walks of life.

Can I attend the ECR without an HDT?

Absolutely!  There are usually several attendees each year that come without a HDT, or without an RV at all.  If you won’t be bringing your RV, you may want to check out one of the cabins in the rally area.  Just contact Deer Run RV Resort for information about renting one of the cabins.

Where are seminars and events held?

Unless otherwise noted on the event schedule, all events are held in a tent located just south of the bathhouse as you approach the 400s block of campsites. It’s about 1.3 miles from the campground entrance, and 1.4 miles from the sites in the Persimmon Loop on the east side of the lake; if you walk or rent a golf cart, it’s less than half a mile from the Persimmon Loop following the path across the dam.

Can I get packages/mail while at the rally?

Absolutely. Packages and mail are delivered to the campground office/store at the front gate, and can be picked up during business hours. If you need something shipped to you there, here’s the address and phone number to use:

[Your Name]
3609 Peavine Firetower Rd
Crossville, TN 38571-7958
(877) 337-8678

Is the East Coast HDT Rally on Facebook?

Yes! Visit and like the rally’s page here: https://facebook.com/EastCoastHDTRally/

There’s also a private Facebook group for the rally, intended for rally attendees to share photos and communicate amongst each other. In addition to posting notices on the website, we also make every effort to post any last-minute changes or announcements on Facebook as well.

What’s with the “ladies only” seminar?

This seminar has been around for a number of years, in response to recurring requests for a forum to ask those intimidating or embarrassing questions you wouldn’t dare ask in front of a mixed crowd. It’s a pretty open discussion, geared particularly toward those just starting to consider a big truck. Past topics have ranged from the somewhat technical questions about driving, shifting, etc., to more general cleaning, organizing, and full-timing issues.

Does the rally have any paid staff? Where does the money raised go?

No, the event is a purely volunteer affair. Rally fees are set to just cover expenses for supplies and equipment to make the event happen. If there happens to be anything left over, it’s carried forward to the next year’s event.

Can I sponsor the event? Advertise my business?

In general, no. But we welcome your contributions to the event. If you have expertise in a subject area that would be of interest to attendees, contact us. We do have a few regular attendees who get together to fund certain events, above and beyond what the rally registration fee covers. If you think you have something you’d like to contribute in that regard, feel free to contact us.

But the rally isn’t a venue for hawking your wares, a flea market, or expo. We do have a “flea market” during the rally, but that’s for selling/trading stuff you own and use, and nothing more.

I’m trying to sell my truck/RV. Can I post a sign?

With permission, generally yes, if you’re participating in the rally. We have filled the campground to capacity though, and want to make sure that people attending to participate in the rally aren’t displaced by someone looking to park an RV with a for sale sign.

Before displaying anything indicating your rig is for sale, contact one of the rally organizers to discuss what you’re wanting to do. Be warned, however, that if you haven’t previously participated, we’re going to be skeptical of your intentions.

Other questions?

Contact us at [email protected].

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