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Chet’s Updated Version with LCD display:



For power I will be using the YwRobot 545043 breadboard power supply with an input from the RV’s 12V system.  A good functional
description is here:

Grounds need to be common to all components:  Photon, LCD, pressure transducers, alarm

RX to Photon TX
Vin – YwRobot +5V.  Must be a minimum of 5V.  Don’t parallel off Photon, it works but LCD is barely readable.
GND – from common ground source.

Power via micro-usb port from YwRobot USB port
Pin D0  – to alarm.  I was going to use a single relay but have found a controllable buzzer.  If it is loud enough I will use it.
A0 – bathroom gray tank pressure sensor
A1 – kitchen gray tank pressure sensor
A2 – black tank sensor
A3- fresh water tank sensor
Ground – Common tie to LCD ground and alarm (or relay control ground if a relay is used.

Pressure Transducer
Red –  YwRobot  +5v
Ground – YwRobot Negative common to all components
Blue – Input to appropriate Photon Analog pin (A0 through A3)

Vin – YwRobot +5v
Ground – common ground
Input – Photon pin D0

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