2021 Rally Registration

2021 Rally Registration


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What is this rally all about?

First of all, it’s not a “big” rally, in the sense that there aren’t hundreds of RVs scattered across a fairground or parking lot.  There are no parking marshals, and there is no paid staff.  This rally is more along the lines of an extended family get-together–there are plenty of organized activities, but there’s still plenty of time to wander around, visit old friends and make new ones, and crawl under your truck (with an audience, of course!) to put your tool collection to work.

Particularly for those who don’t have an HDT, who are either trying to learn enough to decide whether they want one or trying to decide what to buy or how to prepare it, there are a number of educational seminars, presented by volunteers, to help answer questions you may have about using an HDT to pull your RV.

The schedule includes a number of technical seminars and social events, starting on April 17th and ending April 24th.  This list is subject to change, and the schedule will be finalized as the rally approaches.  The schedule will be arranged so that most of the seminars introducing HDTs to newcomers are on Sunday morning and afternoon, and Monday morning.

Changes for 2021

While we’ve delayed opening registration in the hopes of having more certainty regarding the format of this year’s rally, we’ve taken a number of steps to minimize the both the likelihood of infection and the impact of any last minute changes. These include:

  • Changes to seminar format.  Look for shorter sessions, hopefully split between the tent on the west side of the lake and the permanent pavilion on the east side of the lake. Seating will be spaced to encourage social distancing. We’ll still cover the basics, particularly those of interest to first-time and soon-to-be HDTers, and a select batch of more advanced topics.
  • Large social events (e.g. pot luck, trivia) may or may not occur depending on the course of the virus, vaccination, cases in the local area, any restrictions from government, etc. So be patient and we will update as time gets closer. 
  • More “free time” to have small outdoor gatherings around trucks, campers, or projects.
  • No formal “happy hours” but tent or campfires should be available for small socially distanced gatherings. We would encourage including first timers with seasoned veterans at your discretion. We will hopefully be able to come up with a site for an outdoor bigger campfire and gathering site.
  • NO t- shirts this year. If the rally is forced to cancel they are pre-paid and we could not refund any orders.
  • Provisions of soft drinks, water, paper goods will be limited this year since plans for large gatherings will be dependent on events. This decrease will be mirrored in a reduction in the rally fee which in the past was based on provisions for the rally and meals provided.
  • We still plan on having some fun, some games, and the opportunity to meet old friends and make new.

Typical Seminars

NOTE: Examples from 2019.  Look for a modified lineup as the rally approaches.  List will be updated as speakers are confirmed.  We aim to post the 2021 schedule in late March. Look under the schedule tab at the top toolbar for a tentative schedule.

  • RV Haulers on A Slim Budget
  • Researching and Buying an RV Hauler
  • Building an RV Hauler
  • Lighting Requirements for an RV Hauler
  • Ladies-only Introduction to HDTs
  • Budgeting to be an RVer
  • Buying a New HDT for an RV hauler
  • Budgeting for Full-Time RVers: Can I afford it?

Social Events

NOTE: These events are tentative, based on gathering restrictions in Cumberland County and the ability to have them safely.

  • BBQ Dinner
  • Lunch Outing/Shopping Day
  • Social/Craft/Board Game Gatherings
  • Pot Luck, Trivia, and Bingo
  • Evening at the Cumberland County Playhouse
  • Morning group walks around the campground

Make Sure to Book Your Site at Deer Run

The rally registration is separate from reserving a campsite.  You don’t need to have an RV or stay at the park to attend–there are cabins available for those wishing to stay close without an RV, and a number of hotels within a short drive.  If you’re going to stay on site, contact Deer Run RV Resort to make those arrangements.

Again, please contact Deer Run RV Resort to book your site and dates.

How do I register?

To register and pay online with a PayPal account or credit card, click here, and you’ll see your registration entry. No T-shirts will be available this year. One registration covers up to two adults; children are free of charge.

Because of uncertainty surrounding the format of the rally, your card will not be charged when you register.  We will only authorize the transaction, so that we do not incur processing fees beyond those necessary.  The $45 charge will be a maximum, and if the rally goes forward with a reduced format, you will be charged either the reduced amount or, if already charged, partially refunded.  If for some reason we must cancel, your card will not be charged at all. We will calculate the expenses incurred and divide by number of attendees to come up with the final rally fee, not to exceed $45. 

Proceed to checkout, and answer a few questions about who you are and where you’ll be staying. Only the fields marked with a * are required to register, though giving us your forum name will help others connect the dots as to who you are, and your site number will help us find you during the rally if needed.

When you check out, you’ll be directed to the PayPal site to enter payment information, and will receive confirmation via e-mail.

As the rally approaches, you’ll be e-mailed a welcome packet with information on checking in and the seminar/event schedule (which will also be posted here).